My Story

Tupperware Consultant - Korinne Hamblin

What can I say?  I LOVE TUPPERWARE!!!  The fun, vibrant colors bring life and excitement into every heart and home! I love meeting people all over the world and sharing the experience of Tupperware with everyone!  Who doesn’t love products that last a lifetime?!

This experience is so different for me as I have been in the music/entertainment industry since I was 4, teaching, performing and touring with my family of 9!  Every winter on our concert tours, we had performances all over Florida.  With Tupperware headquarters located in Orlando, my family and I visited the gallery where you can purchase international products.  It was a magical and exciting experience every year!  We became friends with the employees in the gallery each time we visited and that’s how it all started!

I had thought about becoming a Tupperware consultant for a while but didn’t actively pursue anything until this year.  My husband and I went to Orlando for our anniversary in February and our first stop was Tupperware headquarters!!! How many couples go to Tupperware for their 10-yr anniversary?  We do!  After an hour of shopping in the gallery and a visit with one of the employees about what it would take to become a consultant, we walked out of there with three bags full of fantastic products and the opportunity to speak with my future director!  The day after we arrived home, I received the phone call from my fabulous director that changed everything!  I decided to give Tupperware a try and the rest is history in the making!  If I had known it was going to be this much fun, I would have said, “YES” years ago! The best part about it is that I absolutely believe in and love the product!  I love sharing my excitement with other people!