New Consultants

The key is to stay connected. A fire with many logs burns brighter, hotter, and longer than a solo log left to smolder! Together we can do so much more than we could individually.

Learn and Earn!We are so blessed to be part of the Elite organization and to have the leadership of Bobbi and Monty Camfield! With over 47 years in the business, they know how to make Tupperware work!

To be successful, be sure you’re getting in on the weekly calls with Bobbi.  Check the calendar regularly and join us in person, by phone, or online to learn, grown, and build your business!

Be sure to follow your business planner that was emailed to you when you first signed up and stay connected with everyone on the team and organization through the Facebook groups!

Here are some shortcut to key resources.  The Facebook groups are by invite or approval only.  If you’re not already a member, please contact us to get access.