Our Team

Life is too short not to have fun! We do have fun at our meetings and rallies as anyone here can tell you!  We love celebrating success through recognition, awards, product giveaways, and, of course, food!

Just how much fun? Here’s just a glimpse….

Our team is headed by Korinne & Lee Hamblin.  Korinne has been a Tupperfanatic since before she can remember. To hear her story, watch the video below:

Now with over 50 team members across many states, Totally Tupperware continues to grow and expand.  We love helping people reach their goals using Tupperware as the vehicle!

We are part of the Elite Organization and are so blessed to have the leadership, guidance, and training from Bobbi and Monty Camfield, and the other team directors!  Bobbi has over 47 years of experience in Tupperware and she knows how to make it work!